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Picturesque Sweden

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Few coutries are so picturesque and photogenic as Sweden with it's red-painted wooden houses, thousands of lakes and green lush landscapes. This tour is perfect for those who are in Stockholm and want to see more of the Swedish countryside and return back to the capital after one week. You travel comfortably in a modern full-tourist bus throughout the trip. As on all With Xperience tours we do nature walks/hikes to get closer to the nature and get some stressfree hours along the way. You stay at comfortable hotels with good local standards and get to try the reputable and tasty Swedish cuisine. The participants are  international and the tour is guided in English and Swedish.

This bus tour will bring you north of the capital and start at one of the most changeing landscapes in the world - the High Coast

(Höga kusten). This is the place in the world where the land raising is the greatest after the last ice age 10 000 years ago. The area is so unique its listed at UNESCO World Heritage list. During the hike you get captivated by the magnificent nature. This tour will bring you to the most typical Swedish regions such as Hälsingland and Dalarna which cover the central part of the country. As on all With Xperience tours serveral of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and must see attractions are included to create your best travel memories. You will experience the short summer night and maybe wake up to the intense birdsong at dawn. Just after midsummer, nature explodes into full bloom and many Swedes move out to their summer cottages. 

We walk along historical paths and learn more about the regions we pass and spend one to three nights in the same hotel before moving on. The mighty Falu  copper mine that not only gave Sweden prosperity, it also colored the country for centuries. The national romantic artists Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson spread the image of idyllic Swedish life in their paintings, we visit their homes. In Nusnäs we see how the classic red Dala horses are made, the most typical Swedish souvenir and of course don't forget the fika!

Majestically, the cathedral towers over Uppsala, the center of the Swedish church. Uppsala University is well known around the world and here we find well-known names such as Anders Celcius, Carl von Linné and Gustav Vasa.

Welcome to Picturesque Sweden!