Best of Stockholm & dinner cruise

Stockholm has so much to offer its visitors and it is impossible to include everything but this With Xperience tour "Best of Stockholm & Dinner cruise" is certainly the most comprehensive day tour that can be found in Stockholm.  This tour can be choosen with a private car with driver for the city sightseeing or using Stockholms local transport. This tour include eight of the citys must see attractions; The City Hall, the South Island/Södermalm, The Royal Palace, The Cathedral, The Old Town, The Viking Museum, The Vasa Museum and a dinner cruise through the magnificent Stockholm archipelago with its 32 000 islands.

The day start at 08:00 with some city sightseeing to Stockholm's true landmark, beautifully located, next to Lake Mälaren, architect Ragnar Östbergs master piece from 1923 - The City Hall. Best known for the grand Nobel Banquet held here every year on 10 December.

The tour continues to the trendy Södermalm/South Island and to the SOFO area (South of Folkungagatan) and the picturesque Nytorget and Sofia church. On foot you reach some of the island's oldest parts where you still can find small red-painted wooden houses so typical of Sweden. The island is very mountainous and the view from Fjällgatan/Mountain Street over the central parts of Stockholm is magnificent.

The year 1252 is said to be Stockholm's year of birth, or it is more correct to say it is then Birger Jarl mention Stockholm in a letter for the first time. The island of Gamla Stan or Old Town has been inhabited since about the 7th century. The guide tells you more about Stockholm's interesting history while you stroll along the cobbled streets lined with shops and restaurants. Gamla Stan is one of Europe's largest medieval cities. It is also here that both the Royal Palace and the Cathedral are located, both are visited during the tour.

By using the waterway from the Old Town you reach Royal Djurgården Island, property to HM King Carl XVI Gustaf. The island has been a part of the City National Park (the first of its kind in the world) since 1995. It is here where the Vasa Museum is located. The famous wooden war ship Vasa that sank on its maiden voyage 10 August 1628 in Stockholm harbour. Nowhere else in the world can such a complete ship from the 17th century be seen as here. During the tour, the guide tells the incredible story of Vasa, whose saga could have been taken from a novel.

An other saga, is the saga of the Vikings, and where would it not be better told than at the Viking Museum. The so mythical people who lived in this region about 1000 years ago. How did they live and where is the origin of their perhaps sometimes undeserved bad reputation outside of Scandinavia. Before leaving the museum you will have the chance to try the classic Viking drink - mead.

Like a Viking but 1000 years later it is time to enjoy the magnificent Stockholm archipelago with its 32 000 islands. You board an old steamer from the early 19-hundreds docked near the Royal Dramatic theatre. During three relaxing hours you enjoy the superb three-course dinner (drinks not included) while you passing Stockholm's eastern suburbs and some of the countless islands. By 21:00 hours the ship is back in town and it is time to go back to your hotel after a very interesting day in the Swedish capital.

Meeting place: Your hotel or preferred location.

Duration of the tour: 14 hours.

High lights of the tour: Stockholm City Hall, Södermalm/South island, Old Town, The Cathedral, The Royal Palace, The Viking museum, Viking-mead tasting, The Vasa Museum, three-course dinner  cruise in the archipelago (drink not included).

Price per person using public transport:

1 participant: 14805 SEK/1295 EUR/1395USD

2 participants: 8 410 SEK / 740 EUR / 795 USD

3 participants: 6 280 SEK / 555 EUR / 595 USD

4 participants: 5 215 SEK / 465 EUR / 495 USD

5 participants: 4 575 SEK / 410 EUR / 435 USD

6 participants: 4 150 SEK / 375 EUR / 395 USD

Price per person using private transport:

1 participant: 24160SEK/2125 EUR/2275 USD

2 participants: 12995 SEK/ 1145 EUR/ 1235USD

3 participants: 9 300 SEK / 825 EUR / 895 USD

4 participants: 7 445 SEK / 655 EUR / 710 USD

5 participants: 6 330 SEK / 565 EUR / 615 USD

6 participants: 5 585 SEK / 495 EUR / 535 USD

Gratuities to the guide and driver are not included in the tour price.

Prices on national holidays are on request.

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