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Nature hike with picnic

Stockholm and its surroundings offer a unique nature not far from the pulse of the big city. A forest hike can be very strengthening and meditative on several levels. 

The guide and your private driver will meet at your hotel or preferred location for an approximately 30 minute drive to the nature reserve where you continue by foot, with or without walking sticks that can be borrowed.

This nature reserve is unique in its kind and here you can find for example, Stockholm County's two highest located lakes. The relatively short impact of the ice cap during the last ice-age on the area is quietly visible in the nature and unique for this part of Sweden. Just after the ice age, the area was isolated islands in the costal belt and where the first people used to hunt seals, it is truly hard to understand that standing in the middle of a forest now days and the guide will explain more of the interesting geology.

The tour is suitable for most people, but unfortunately not for those with disability as the hike partly goes over rock and roots. Walking sticks are available if desired. 

When the hike reaches the deepest part of the reserve, it's time for a picnic and a rest. If the weather permits, there is possibility to swim in the clear nutrient-poor water so do not forget a towel and swimwear.

Meeting place: Your hotel or preferred location.

Duration of the tour:

5 hours (private transport)

8 hours (public transport)

Price per person using public transport:

1 participant:   7995 SEK /  695 EUR / 765 USD

2 participants: 4225 SEK / 375 EUR / 410 USD

3 participants: 2950 SEK / 265 EUR / 295 USD

4 participants: 2310 SEK / 210 EUR / 245 USD

5 participants: 1930 SEK / 175 EUR / 195 USD

6 participants: 1675 SEK / 150 EUR / 165 USD

Price per person using private transport:

1 participant:   10385SEK / 915 EUR / 985 USD

2 participants: 5295 SEK / 475 EUR / 515 USD

3 participants: 3595 SEK / 320 EUR / 345 USD

4 participants: 2745 SEK / 245 EUR / 275 USD

5 participants: 2235 SEK / 210 EUR / 225 USD

6 participants: 1895 SEK / 175 EUR / 195 USD

Gratuities to the guide and driver are not included in the tour price.

Prices on national holidays are on request.

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