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Beautiful Stockholm

There are not many cities in the world that can measure their beauty with the Swedish capital - Stockholm.

A stunning mixture of history and royal glamor together with the modern city's puls all surrounded by sparkling water and countless  green parks. The capital built on 14 islands between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea is must see attraction and a place you want to return to. The clean air and water may wildlife a part of the daily life and everyones's right to have access to nature is even protected by law.

This With Xperience package as a perfect start of your visit to Sweden or as a pree or post stay in Stockholm in addition to one of our join in bus tours. Or maybe you will board a cruise ship in Stockholm and would like to explore the city before you leave. Be a part of a group that for four days discover the city togheter with a authorized Stockholm guide.

Top attractions are included such as the magnificent wooden warship Vasa from 1628. The City Hall famous for the Nobel prize banquet, The Royal Palace one of the biggest palaces in Europe, the medieval Old Town - Gamla Stan, nice city walks, the art in the metro and much more. We use the superb network of public transportation during these days. 

Welcome to Stockholm - the capital of Scandinavia!