Swedish Lapland & The Midnight Sun





3 July – Welcome to Kiruna

At Kiruna airport you will be welcommed to The Kingdom of Sweden by With Xperience staff.

The tour leader is an authorized Stockholm guide and will be the tour leader during the entire tour, from the most Northern point Treriksröset to the end of the tour in Gammelstad kyrkstad in Luleå. It is only short bus transfer to the hotel camp in Kiruna the most Northern city in Sweden famous for one of the biggest iron mines in the world and very important for the Swedish economy. The city is the worlds biggest (when it comes to the area). Also an interesting fact is that a bigger part of the city must move as the iron mine grows under the city. Kiruna is a great gateway to the wild and untouched Arctic nature. Home of the indigenous Sami people. Why not start your stay in Sweden with an hour or two at the SPA before the welcome dinner and meet the rest of the group under the Midnight Sun.


Distance in bus: 10 km / 6 mi

Overnight in Kiruna

4 July - Icehotel & Treriksröset

The first excursion of the tour will take us to the most Northern point of Sweden – Treriksröset. At Treriksröset, Sweden, Norway and Finland meet at the world's most Northern three national border point. We start the day with a visit to the unique Icehotel 365 in Jukkasjärvi to enjoy the impressive art engraved from ice and snow. Much older is Jukkasjärvi church that dates back to 1608 and is definitly worth a visit. The church is especially known for its altarpiece by Bror Hjorth. We continue and pass Esrange Space Center on our way further north as a 4 hour bus tour lay ahead through the beautiful nature of Lapland to Kilpisjärvi in Finland. From here we have to cross lake Kierakasvuopio by boat back to Sweden on an aprox 30 min trip to start the first hike of the tour. From the boat the hike is about 3 km / 2 mi one way to reach the most Northern point in Sweden- Treriksröset. On the way back you can chose to eihter take the boat or join a longer nature hike (orange) 11 km / 7 mi on the Finnish side of the lake through Malla National Park back to the bus. After a packed dinner we enjoy the Midnight Sun during our way back to Kiruna.

Breakfast, Lunch,  Packed Dinner

Walking distance: 14 km / 8 mi

The difficulty of the hike: green + orange 

Distance in bus: 600 km / 370 mi

Overnight in Kiruna.

5 July – Nikkaloukta, Lapporten and Midnight Sun

In the winter the small Sami village of Nikkaloukta is famous for the many low temprature records. In the Summer many start their mountain hikes here. Some tracks lead to Swedens highest mountain Kebnekaise and the hiking trail Kungsleden. We enjoy the fresh arctic air, bare granit mountains and clear glacial lake. In all probability are the mountain peaks still white with snow. The area is the largest cohesive natural landscape in Europe. After lunch we take a boat trip on Lake Ladtjojaures' turquoise blue water and enjoy the mighty landscape before we go back to Kiruna. During the evening we do a scenic drive along Torne träsk the biggest mountain lake in Scandinavia and the second deepest lake in Sweden. When we reach Björkliden we enjoy a late dinner overlooking the magnificent nature and mount Lapporten in a distance meanwhile the Midnight Sun add magic to the landscape.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Walking distance: 10 km / 6 mi

The difficulty of the hike: green

Distance in bus: 190 km / 120 mi

Overnight in Kiruna

6 July – Muddus National Park

Today we start our journey South and we pass miles of mire where the delicious (and very expensive) cloudberry grow, feel free to try. Most likely reindeer are to be seen and if luck is on our side moose. The area is famous for its big mooses. On route we will pass several impressive hydropower plants such as Porjus and Harsprånget before reaching Muddus National Park. The park is famous for the containing intact primeval forest with gigant long-boled pines, enormous mosaics of marschland, waterfalls and deep canyons. 

UNESCO World Heritage – Laponia.

Breakfast, Packed Lunch, Dinner

Walking distance: 14 km / 8 mi

The difficulty of the hike: yellow

Distance in bus: 350 km / 220 mi

Overnight in Vidsel Storforsen

7 July – Jokkmokk & Storforsen

A morning bus tour to Jokkmokk and Ájtte, the principal museum of Sami culture. We enjoy a guided tour to learn more of the native people of the Arctic, the interesting history of the people and the modern life of today. The North of Sweden is famous for the beautiful wooden churches and of course we stop at Jokkmokk church before some free time to explore Jokkmokk. The afternoon is spent next to the impressive waterfall of Storforsen. The river, Pite älv, is one of the national rivers and protected by law. Storforsen is northern Europe´s largest unbound rapids  and home to perch, grayling, whitefish and trout. Time to relax and enjoy the wild pure nature. Before dinner we enjoy the impressive waterfall from the top.

Breakfast, Free Lunch, Dinner

Walking distance: 1,6 km / 1 mi

The difficulty of the hike: green

Distance in bus: 200 km / 125 mi

Overnight in Vidsel Storforsen

8 July – Boden

Sweden is the country in the world that has managed to stay out of war for the longest time, not since 1809. The country is a neutral country and is not a member of any military alliance and has it's own army, navy and air force. The military history is present all over the country and the small city of Boden is no exception. From the beginning of the 20th century to the end of the Cold War the mountains around the city was the Swedish army lock to the North. A visit to Rödbergsfortet is a must to learn more about the secrets hidden in the mountain. By the afternoon there is time to enjoy the SPA (included) at the hotel, where one of the worlds biggest saunas is to be found. (Any SPA treatment, not included, are recommended to be booked in advance). The hotel is located at Sweden's easternmost mainland overlooking Torne älv and Finland.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Walking distance: 1,6 km / 1 mi

The difficulty of the hike: green

Distance in bus: 220 km / 135 mi

Overnight in Haparanda

9 July – Struves meridian arc & Kukkolaforsen

In the area around the hotel a quite unknown UNESCO site is to be found and during our hike today we will try to understand von Struves science that is quite essential if you like to travel. The meridian arc. During lunch we enjoy Kukkolaforsen's wild rapids famous for it's salmon and whitefish. The Swedish word for Saturday is lördag. The name of the day dates back to the Viking era in the countrys history and is the day of the week when you should take a bath and clean yourself. So no better way so spend the afternoon than in the SPA (included).

(Any SPA treatments, not included, are recommended to be booked in advance).

UNESCO World Heritage – Struves meridian arc

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Walking distance: 7 km / 4,5 mi

The difficulty of the hike: yellow

Distance in bus: 70 km / 40 mi

Overnight in Haparanda

10 July – Gammelstad church town

The Swedish coastline is one of the longest in Europe and today we start following it South. During todays hike we will see nature and birdlife normally just found further South in Sweden. We also clearly see the result after the last ice age and the challenges it has resulted in. At the end of the hike we will arrive to the small and picturesque Gammelstad church town with it's 408 small church cottages. After lunch we do a guided tour of Gammelstad church town before departure transfer to Luleå airport for your flight.

(do not book any flights before 16:40).

UNESCO World Heritage – Gammelstads church town

Breakfast, Lunch

Walking distance: 8 km / 4 mi

The difficulty of the hike: blue

Distance in bus: 150 km / 95 mi

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